Volume Two, Number Three: the very slow edition

We’re pleased to announce….

Volume Two, Number Three: the very slow edition

(in print samhain 2017)

Download it here:

Volume 2 Number 3 Cover

Volume 2 Number 3 Content

Inside, you’ll find highlights such as

  • Various news headlines, mostly circa 2016
  • Nuclear history and current events
  • Cool maps
  • On-the-ground reporting by Robert Wells on the DEA’s failed scramble to reschedule kratom

Most importantly, there’s an update on the 2016 Orange County GOP fire, which we’ve discussed before. Although there have been no further arrests in the matter, local activist Katie Yow has received, and refused, a grand jury summons, apparently in connection. Grand juries are a legal mechanism to maneuver around the right to remain silent, and are powerful tools of state repression, so it’s great that she is resisting. For more information and updates, and donations, visit:





Volume 1 Number 2: The Climate Issue


That’s right… it’s that time again. Time for another issue of the Provocateur!

Inside, we talk about:

  • Global Warming
  • Methoxetamine
  • Music Gone Off The Chain
  • News and History

So download yourself a copy, and send any contributions for issue three to thecarrboroprovocateur@gmail.com



Remember: Print ’em double sided and pass ’em out to your friends! Or your enemies!

Volume 1, Number 1: The Pilot Issue

Ahoy there! This is the good ship lifestyle!

In all seriousness though, here’s our first issue. It’s formatted to be printed double-sided, but if you print it single-sided on scratch paper, it’ll work, and you’ll get a note book out the the deal as well. A digital format may or may not be on the way, depending on how lazy the editors are.

If you submitted content that wasn’t used, or if you missed the chance to get in on this issue, never fear – at least two more issues are on the drawing board. To submit content, email thecarrboroprovocateur@gmail.com .

Cover – Vol1No1


Class war! Killer Herbicides! Psychedelic anthropology! MOAR MOAR MOAR!