Announcing Vol.2No.1: The Jigsaw-Falling-Into-Place Issue!

Hey so yeah we’re coming out with a new issue, in which we explore:

  • Operational violence and its apologists, at home and abroad.
  • Environmental Schmuckitude
  • The future of warfare, as envisioned by NASA
  • Chill art
  • etc

Of course, art and written submissions, as well as letters to the editor, are always welcome. Send them to


Call for Submissions: Vol. 1 No. 3

The next issue will wrap up volume one of the Carrboro Provocateur, and we need you, the Carrbourgeoisie, to help fill its pages, so I don’t have to pad it out with the genes of Antarctic trout.

The theme of No. 3 is “Ding Dong SOPA’s Dead”, but don’t let that constrain your submissions.

Send stuff to: