Volume Two, Issue Two: The edition we promised, but never got around to posting!

Yeah, remember that time we made a bunch of wild claims regarding upcoming content, but never followed up online? Well, in digital form for the first time: Volume Two, Number Two!


inside – v2n2


An anthropologist tells us about cultural appropriation, intellectual property, and how they relate to psychedelic culture.

‘It is ironic that the only psychedelics which are “authentically” products of modern Western civilization are synthetic, and they have been linked to a series of countercultural movements and moral panics. Thus, to gain social legitimacy for their spiritual drug use members of highly industrialized societies often times consume natural psychedelics, and highlight the fact that they have a history of sacramental use in “traditional communities”.’

We also take a look at the Durham Police Department’s extended and very public meltdown, revisit the Ward Transformer debacle, and publish a disturbing email from [REDACTED], concerning “the crabs”. Check it out!